NFL fans are divided on whether Quarterback makes Kirk Cousins look relatable or unhinged

Kirk Cousins is one of the more productive quarterbacks of his era, but he’s still a living meme in greater NFL conversations.

The Minnesota Vikings’ signal-caller has a reputation for wilting in the fourth quarter and, in the past, hasn’t seemed like your everyday, run-of-the-mill guy.

Cousins’ appearance during Netflix’s Quarterback does little to help make a definitive judgment on who Cousins is off the field.

On the one hand, Cousins’ family shops at Target and Sam’s Club. Also, his wife picks out his postgame outfits,

and he reads bedtime stories to his kids after he’s done playing. On the other,

he wears a diamond necklace of chains while shirtless after a big win and quotes Margaret Thatcher, of all people, as a source of inspiration against his criticism.

I’d like to think I used to have a definitive read on who Cousins the person is.

Quarterback has changed that, and I’m not entirely sure how to describe this conflicted feeling.

Maybe that was the program’s aim all along.


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