NFL Fans React To Roger Goodell's Greeting Of Deshaun Watson

Earlier this afternoon, the NFL celebrated the life of longtime Cleveland Browns star Jim Brown.

The Hall of Famer passed away in May, but was acknowledged by the league ahead of the Hall of Fame Game later Thursday night.

Among those in attendance was league commissioner Roger Goodell and Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The two embraced following the celebration of life - but how they embraced made fans feel a little queasy. Not long after Watson's lengthy suspension, they seem to be best friends.

"This is embarrassing as hell for the league," NFL reporter Mike Freeman said on Twitter.

"Duh. People think the NFL care about these issues? It’s all public relations posturing and money," another fan said.

"Hate that the league I am so invested does stuff like this," said a third.

It's interesting to see Goodell, who makes the final decision on punishments for players, embrace a player whom he suspended for more than half the 2022 season.


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