NFL Week 6 schedule ranking  

The Thursday Night Football game between the Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears is at the bottom of the heap.

So, onward to the rest of the Week 6 schedule.

13. Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks This could be an entertaining contest, with both teams having the potential to score plenty of points. The problem is. they are playing to see who stays out of the NFC West cellar, and that in itself is dull.

12. Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rams Yes, they are the Super Bowl champions. However, the Panthers are about as awful as it gets in 2022. They fired Matt Rhule and made Steve Wilks the interim head coach. The same Steve Wilks who lasted all of one season in Arizona.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts The Colts won ugly last week and the Jaguars lost uglier in a snoozefest with the Texans. This game will provide some position clarity in the AFC South … and that is about it.

10. New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns The Patriots snapped into a defensive groove against Detroit. Cleveland was supposed to be far better than it is—sure, some will blame that on the absence of the suspended QB. Sometimes, you get what you pay for … nothing for 11 weeks.

9. Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers This could be Denver’s last, and best, chance to show it actually has a sliver of legitimacy in 2022. Will Russell Wilson keep playing despite the damaged lat, or will that be the fallback excuse for this season? The Chargers can be lots of fun and one never knows what that wild and crazy guy Brandon Staley will do.

8. San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons Would like to give more love here to Jimmy G and the Niners but the Falcons’ most interesting aspect of this game will be their cool retro helmets (not pictured, sorry). Have a feeling the Niners will hand it to Atlanta big time, unless being away from home two weeks in a row is a problem.

7. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins This has the potential to be a 38-35 game with tons of big plays and stars making them. The problem is you can’t depend on Minnesota to play 60 minutes of football, and who knows what is going to happen with the Fish at QB…

6. Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants The teams have 7 wins combined, and it is hard to believe the Giants have more of than the Ravens. A couple of second-half collapses are what stand between Baltimore and being undefeated. Have a feeling this won’t come down to Justin Tucker.

5. New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers The Packers could lose to both teams that call MetLife home… in back-to-back weeks. The tension of a slumbering offense has to start growing in Green Bay. The Jets lit up a hurting Miami team. This is a chance to prove Gang Green is for real.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers The Tom Brady vs. Kenny Pickett angle won’t sell this contest. What will is keeping an eye on whether Mike Tomlin can prevent his Steelers from falling to 1-5. That’s enticing by itself.

3. Cincinnati Bengals vs. New Orleans Saints Both teams need a win, which is hard to believe in Week 6 of the NFL season. However, that is what happens when you each lose three of your first five. The stakes are higher than they appear.

2. Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles The teams come in a combined 9-1 and they do not like each other one drop. Expect tempers to be at a fever pitch with the Linc crowd. And do not be surprised if this winds up with fewer points than expected. Defenses will rise.

1. Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs Somehow, some way, this game isn’t in prime time—two of the top teams in the NFL. Guess that is what happens when the Bills and Chiefs are showcased non-stop. Clear your schedules to watch Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes have at it.


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