NFL Star Josh Allen Reacts to Being Photographed Making Out With Hailee Steinfeld

This part of Josh Allen's relationship is not a touchdown.

The NFL star recently opened up about one of his new realities since dating Hailee Steinfeld—dealing with the paparazzi.

"Have you been reading the news about yourself?" Pardon My Take host Eric Sollenberger asked the Buffalo Bills quarterback on the Aug. 2 episode of his podcast.

"There was a headline and it just said, 'Josh Allen makes out with his girlfriend on vacation.'"

The podcaster is referring to a trip to Mexico Josh and Hailee took together in early July, where they were spotted sharing a kiss.

"The fact anybody cares about that still blows my mind," the athlete noted, adding of the photographers, "They were on a boat.

I saw it and I just felt this gross feeling. The insecurity, no privacy. I was like, 'What's wrong with you?'"

Josh and Hailee first sparked romance rumors when they were seen dining out together in New York City late in May.

And though the 27-year-old previously responded, "No comment," when asked about his relationship status in July, he made no objection to her being referred to as "his girlfriend" this time around.

Around the same time the Hawkeye actress and athlete were spotted together,

Josh and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams were the subject of breakup speculation as she wiped all photos of him from her Instagram.


Hailee Steinfeld and NFL's Josh Allen Have a Night Out in New York City amid Romance Rumors