Nick Saban's former Alabama players have made $1.94 billion in the NFL

Name, image, likeness (NIL) may have changed the game, but if you want a career in the NFL you still go to Tuscaloosa.

Nick Saban has dominated college football over the last decade, especially when it comes to the NFL draft.

Under Nick Saban, Alabama has sent a record number of players to the draft,

specifically in the first round. Not only does he get them there, he sets them up for major success

Former Alabama Crimson Tide players under Nick Saban have gone on to earn $1.94 billion.

In April of 2022, it was reported that the number was near $1.7 billion.

This means the number has jumped by nearly $300 million in less than a year.

With the most number of players in the NFL and a large group expected to make its way into the league via the 2023 NFL draft,

this number will surely be growing in the next few months.


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