Notre Dame back in top 20 of Josh Pate's power rating

If you’re a college football fan and are unfamiliar with the work of Josh Pate then do yourself an immediate favor and become familiar.  

In a world of screaming, yelling, and forced debate, Pate is a breath of fresh air that can deliver a well thought-out point without having to put on a sideshow in order to do so.

You can check out his YouTube page here as his regular podcast is the best of any national college football show/podcast I’ve heard,

and he just announced that he’s locked up a new deal with CBS/247Sports so that is good news for college football fans everywhere.

Pate releases his JP Poll each week which is done entirely by a formula and not by the old “eye-test” or anything of the sort.  

That’s why sometimes teams with a few losses are ranked ahead of unbeaten squads and until these formulas can account for teams that just seemingly know how to execute late and those who don’t, I’ll have some reservations.

When looking at this look at with the question in mind “who would be favored if they met tomorrow?” and they’ll probably make a lot more sense.

With that in mind here is the top-20 in the JP Poll rankings this week.

20. Kentucky 19. Arkansas 18. Notre Dame

17. Cincinnati 16. Oregon 15. Kansas State

14. TCU 13. Ole Miss 12. Mississippi State

11. USC 10. Texas 9. Penn State

8. Oklahoma State 7. Utah 6. Tennessee

5. Clemson 4. Michigan 3. Georgia

2. Ohio State 1. Alabama


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