Notre Dame football helmets through the year

Notre Dame’s iconic gold helmet is always listed among the most recognizable in all of college football.  

It may seem that Notre Dame has been wearing those gold helmets forever but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been small tweaks or entire alternate helmets and uniforms worn over the years.

Did you think pride stickers were just an Ohio State thing?  They were once on Notre Dame’s helmet.

As was a shamrock for a few full seasons, not just for a Shamrock Series game.

Take a look back at the subtle changes the iconic Notre Dame helmet has had over the years and some of the alternative looks the Irish have gone with NEXT

and then tell us your favorites and least favorites in the comments section! 1960-1962: Shamrock on the Side 1963: Numbers on the Side 1964-1974: Pride Stickers 1964-2011: Pretty much the exact same look

2011-Current: Base looks gets more shine 2011: Under the Lights vs. Michigan 2011: Shamrock Series vs. Maryland 2012: Shamrock Series vs. Miami

2013: Shamrock Series vs. Arizona State 2014: Shamrock Series vs. Purdue 2015: Father Ted Sticker 2015: Shamrock Series vs. Boston College

2016: Shamrock Series vs. Army 2017: Honoring Ara 2017: Senior Day vs. Navy 2018: Shamrock Series vs. Syracuse

2021: Shamrock Series vs. Wisconsin The helmet Notre Dame used in their 2021 Shamrock Series victory over Wisconsin was very similar to what they normally wear 

but did have a slight change on the back as the four stars were a nod to the Chicago flag since the game was again played at Soldier Field.


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