Top 6 Benefits of Baobab Fruit and Powder

Here are the top 6 benefits of baobab fruit and powder. 

* Baobab is a tree native to certain regions of Africa, Arabia, Australia and Madagascar. 

* Also known by their scientific name Adansonia, baobab trees can grow up to 98 feet (30 meters) tall and produce a large fruit that is commonly consumed and appreciated for its delicious citrus-like flavor. 

1. Baobab is highly nutritious and different parts of the plant supply varying amounts of protein, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins. 

2. Baobab is high in fiber and has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger which could promote weight loss. 

3. Baobab may help slow the increase of blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of insulin needed to keep your blood sugar under control. 

4. Animal studies show that baobab may help reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to cells, but more research in humans is needed. 

5. Baobab is high in fiber, which may improve digestive health and prevent conditions like constipation, intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhoids. 

6. Baobab can be consumed fresh or in powdered form and added to a variety of different recipes. 

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