Off the field, Blake Corum motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit

Blake Corum has made a name for himself as one of the best college football players in the country as the nation’s premier running back.

But that’s a box he’s not putting himself in. While football is a major part of his life, it’s not the only thing. And he’s making sure to take advantage of other opportunities as they come.

Corum learned from a young age that hard work and self-determination are key. He watched his father, James Corum, start his own businesses,

and it’s left an imprint on what he wants to do. But the younger Corum is wasting no time getting started, despite just being a senior in college.

Speaking to 33rd Team, Corum shared that he’s working to flip his first house, with the work being done, now he’s looking for a buyer.

“I’ve been up to some business moves as well. My first house that I bought a couple months ago (with) my dad just hit the market,” Corum said.

“So we’re flipping houses now. I’m in the real estate stuff like that, so now I’m trying to find that next move and eventually build an empire.”

What’s inspired Corum to seek out building a business at such a young age? Of course, as mentioned, his father (and mother) are key influences in that regard,

but he also recognizes that the University of Michigan provides other opportunities beyond football.

While he’s just gotten started in real estate, he’s looking to venture out to find other avenues where he can be successful off the gridiron.

“What motivates me to be entrepreneurial is really like just growing up seeing my dad and my mom start a business from nothing and turning it into something,” Corum said.

“So that’s why I’m doing business with my dad and also doing some business with other people as well. Because my dad was in real estate for quite a while,

just watching him through ups and downs. Real estate can be good and also can be bad at times.

“It’s really just to learn. Learn from like a bunch of alumni. I go to one of the greatest universities — in my opinion, the greatest university in the world.

So, I just try to reach out and learn from the other people that are doing it and that’s what I’m doing.

I’m just trying to be a sponge to soak everything up from these alumni that are in the game and super successful.

Just put it in my toolbox, take it back and build my own.”


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