Initial thoughts on Ohio State getting the final spot into the College Football Playoff

It was a great Sunday for the Buckeyes.

The College Football Playoff committee selected Ohio State as the No. 4 and gave it a matchup with the top overall seed and defending champion, Georgia Bulldogs.

It will be a very interesting game.

Ryan Day and his football team were extremely excited,

which isn’t surprising after losing to arch-rival Michigan at home during the last weekend of the regular season.

A number of thoughts have crossed my mind since the committee selected the Buckeyes.

Here are the ones that have stood out as we will undoubtedly analyze this game plenty before it’s actually played on New Year’s Eve.

First off, thank you USC and TCU Really, we appreciate you both not living up to the hype when it would have been really easy for the Buckeyes to get shut out of the playoffs. 

I can’t remember being any happier than I was on Friday night after USC dropped its second game of the season to Utah.

That opened the door for the Buckeyes, and it was more than welcome in Columbus and around Buckeye nation.

We should also send a thanks to last year’s Rose Bowl opponent Utah and its coach, Kyle Wittingham. Thanks, Utes!

Anything that bothers Jim Harbaugh is a win When asked about potentially playing the Buckeyes again, Harbaugh dodged the question, saying his “thought was on the ballgame (conference championship).” 

He didn’t want to talk about it, and I believe that after its win two weeks ago, Michigan thought Ohio State was knocked out of the race.

Well, that wasn’t the case, and now there is a potential for the two teams to play with a title on the line, in a neutral stadium.

The ultimate goal is still within reach The season has been broken into four separate parts, win all games before the last game of the regular season.

Win “The Game.” Win the conference. Win the College Football Playoff.

Yes, two of those aren’t attainable but the ultimate goal, winning the CFP, is.

This team is going to have to take the most difficult route to do so, knocking out the defending champs, Georgia, with a potential matchup against their rivals for a title. 

It obviously isn’t how we would like the Buckeyes to win a championship, but regardless, the opportunity is still there for them to win.

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