Ohio State 2023 Big Ten football schedule announced

Even though we are in the middle of the 2022 Big Ten football season, it’s never too early to think about 2023, especially if you are a fan of teams like Indiana and Northwestern.

And while much of the nonconference football schedule is put in place years in advance, it takes some juggling and work to put together the Big Ten football schedule,

especially since there will be two new teams on the horizon with the addition of USC and UCLA, and coming off of a worldwide pandemic and all of that back in 2020.

The Big just recently announced that it won’t be doing away with divisions next season but will re-visit what the scheduling will look like for 2024 with the expanded conference.

And, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the conference suits turned on a dime and announced the Big Ten football schedule for 2023.

We’re interested in all of it but more laser-focused on what it means for Ohio State.

What crossover teams and venues will the Buckeyes be looking at, and what kind of road and away mix are we talking about?

Here’s a look at the entire Ohio State 2023 football schedule now that we know what the Big Ten part of things looks like.

Saturday, Sept. 2, at Indiana Overall record vs. Indiana Ohio State leads all-time 77-12-5

Saturday, Sept. 9, vs. Youngstown State Overall record vs. Youngstown State Ohio State leads all-time 2-0

Saturday, Sept. 16, vs. Western Kentucky Overall record vs. Western Kentucky No previous matchups

Saturday, Sept. 23, at Notre Dame Overall record vs. Notre Dame Ohio State leads all-time 5-2

Saturday, Sept. 30, - IDLE

Saturday, Oct. 7, vs. Maryland Overall record vs. Maryland Ohio State leads all-time 7-0

Saturday, Oct. 14, at Purdue Overall record vs. Purdue Ohio State leads all-time 40-15-2

Saturday, Oct. 21, vs. Penn State Overall record vs. Penn State Ohio State leads all-time 22-14

Saturday, Oct. 28, at Wisconsin Overall record vs. Wisconsin Ohio State leads all-time 62-18-5

Saturday, Nov. 4, at Rutgers Overall record vs. Rutgers Ohio State leads all-time 9-0

Saturday, Nov. 11, vs. Michigan State Overall record vs. Michigan State Ohio State leads all-time 36-15

Saturday, Nov. 18, vs. Minnesota Overall record vs. Minnesota Ohio State leads all-time 46-7

Saturday, Nov. 25, at Michigan Overall record vs. Michigan Ohio State trails all-time 51-59-6

Saturday, Dec. 2, Big Ten Championship Game

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.


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