Jim Harbaugh will be a new meme after 'Ref Cam' and Twitter reaction

 We love all things rivalry when it comes to Ohio State and Michigan.

And anytime we have the opportunity to poke a little fun … well, we take full advantage.

Ever wonder what it’s like for Ryan Day to meet Jim Harbaugh at midfield?

Or to be a referee getting the full brunt of a Harbaugh meltdown?

Wait no further thanks to our friends at Fox who have gone to places other networks only dream about.

It’s no secret that Jim Harbaugh is one of the quirkiest coaches in all of sports.

However, in the Big Ten Championship game against Purdue,

Harbaugh was introduced to the “Ref Cam,” and let’s just say it was as weird as it sounds.

Even Fox analyst Joel Klatt gets a good chuckle at Harbaugh’s expense.

If you chose not to watch the conference title game with the absence of the Buckeyes, we can’t fault you.

But if you didn’t tune in, you missed a piece of television gold. Check it out next and some of the reactions from social media.

This is what it's like talking to Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines https://twitter.com/BigTenNetwork/status/1599251274385412096?s=20&t=KXJjLYhBSHM5m1bPz76Qvg

Nobody should have to be this close https://twitter.com/SickosCommittee/status/1599251276750913537?s=20&t=wwf41Eh9XxMS9Iwxg6FYwg

You mean like Manningcast? https://twitter.com/YahooSports/status/1599254191629045761?s=20&t=t6Y0A_EyvQpJaqDlA7YiMw

Providing comic relief https://twitter.com/DanielleDillon/status/1599251003794391042?s=20&t=OLZQ-hTO63jEnrJZGry9HA

Maybe not the best, but it's up there https://twitter.com/shotbyjruss8/status/1599251002934579200?s=20&t=1Nv62EmNqBY0oK6ROqOpkg

The sad life of leftovers... https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/1599253873080037376?s=20&t=1CSAkqhBg3UTPpix0KyFBA

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