Kirk Herbstreit updates his top six college football teams after Week 3. Where is Ohio State?

Kirk Herbstreit is the color commentator for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football as well as one of the main hosts for ESPN’s College Gameday.

Though Herbie has dipped his toes into the professional ranks this year, we like to follow what one of the busiest guys in all of football had to say about the college football landscape.

With Week 3 of the college football season complete, Herbstreit released his top six rankings this week and they are honestly a bit odd.


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Obviously, the former Buckeye quarterback tries to be as objective and non-biased as he can, and that’s all fine and good, but we have something to say.

Here is the order that Herbstreit has with his top four and an additional two knocking on the door after the latest round of games.

6. USC Trojans What We Say The USC Trojans at No. 6 seems fair since there hasn’t been a real test yet and there are still a lot of unknowns coming off of a pretty rough patch the last couple of years. Things do look better in SoCal so far though, so stay tuned.

5. Oklahoma Sooners What We Say The Oklahoma Sooners at number five honestly seems too low with the dismantling of Nebraska and the body of work we’ve seen so far. In fact, maybe Oklahoma should be ahead of the next team on the list …

4. Michigan Wolverines What We Say Herbie’s last playoff spot was given to a questionable choice with the selection of Michigan. The Wolverines have played three schools that would all rank in the bottom ten of the FBS, so it is a bit odd he is giving them this much credit.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes What We Say The former OSU quarterback lists his alma mater as No. 3. Despite the Notre Dame Fighting Irish victory looking less and less impressive, there is no questioning that the Ohio State Buckeyes look legit with stars on offense and a much-improved defense.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide What We Say Herbstreit has the Alabama Crimson Tide at No. 2. It raised an eyebrow for me considering this Alabama team does not have the horses that we are accustomed to as seen by their struggles against the Texas Longhorns.

1. Georgia Bulldogs What We Say At No. 1, Herbstreit writes in the Georgia Bulldogs. I don’t think anyone would argue against this ranking as Georgia looks like a freight train once again, but with plenty more work to do.


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