Watch Ryan Day and Greg Schiano exchange words after unsportsmanlike penalty

The Ohio State football team took care of business against Rutgers with little resistance on the first day of October.

And while the air is crisp and cool, it grew heated in Columbus in the aftermath of one play.

After the Scarlet Knights held the OSU offense and forced a punt, Schiano’s club lined up for a punt block but got sucked too far in.

Buckeye punter Jesse Mirco saw the mistake and took full advantage when he saw nothing but green ahead.

Mirco took off and easily gained a first down — and then some — before being hit late out of bounds by Rutgers’ return man Aron Cruickshank.

There was a bit of a scuffle as the Buckeye sideline took exception to the late hit, but then the fireworks really took off.

Greg Schiano ran all the way over to the Ohio State sideline in what appeared to be an effort to get his guys off the field.

However, the situation grew a little fiery when Schiano and Ryan Day started exchanging words and pointing fingers at each other.

Cooler heads seemed to prevail as the game came to an end and the two coaches met at midfield.

The day seemed to take time to explain that the punter made a decision in the moment and that it wasn’t a premeditated fake in an effort to run up the score.

Both shook hands and went their separate ways on what seemed amicable terms.

Things are getting heated in Columbus

Stay tuned for our postgame reports to see if either coach had any further assessment of the situation.


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