Across Enemy Lines: The Ohio State vs. Notre Game game from an Irish perspective

We’re just four days away from the Ohio State football team breaking the seal on the 2022 season and it’s a big one.

The Buckeyes will take on No. 5 ranked Notre Dame, and it’s not a stretch to say that it’s the biggest home opener in school history.

The two programs are cut from the same cloth as two bluebloods of the sport, but anyone that’s been around over the last couple of decades has to agree that OSU has been the better program during that time.

But … the Irish have been on the rise and back among the elite of the nation over the last few years.

We always like to get a perspective from the opposing fanbase and media, so we reached out to our sister site Fighting Irish Wire for a Q and A session we think you’ll be interested in.

Here is a take from behind enemy lines on the upcoming, massive tilt between Ohio State and Notre Dame Saturday. And while you are at it, see what we provided as the OSU side of things.

On Marcus Freeman's controversial comments about his alma mater, Ohio State, in the offseason

Phil Harrison (Buckeyes Wire): Marcus Freeman has said some things that Ohio State fans have taken as a slight to the program.

How is that viewed in South Bend? How do Notre Dame fans feel about Freeman and what he can do for the program?

Nick Shepkowski (Fighting Irish Wire): What I’ve learned about Marcus Freeman in his time in South Bend is that anytime there is a camera or media member that his mind goes to recruiting.

It’s a world of difference compared to Brian Kelly who really never offered much of anything to say.

I don’t think Freeman has any ill-will whatsoever to where he went to college but knows that Ohio State is the big dog in the midwest for the last 20 years and that if he’s going to reach his ultimate goals at Notre Dame, that the Buckeyes will have to be topped in a good amount of recruiting battles.

On what Notre Dame fans are feeling going into the matchup with Ohio State