Oklahoma’s Damond Harmon Suffers Serious Head/Neck Injury, Stretchered Off Field (VIDEO)

Oklahoma’s Damond Harmon appears to have sustained a severe neck injury.

The injury happened during the blowout game between the Oklahoma Sooners and TCU Horned Frogs.

He laid motionless as he’s strapped down while lifted onto a stretcher.

A lot of tears from players on both sides could be seen.

Tough scene with Sooners safety Damond Harmon taken off on a stretcher.


Prayers up for Damond Harmon. https://twitter.com/BPrzybylo/status/1576299592349458432?s=20&t=774p3DSgAk9xesChBsubnA

Prayers up for Damond Harmon from Oklahoma. Really serious head/neck injury in this TCU-Oklahoma game.

Scary Scene on the field. Unity from both teams worried about his health.


Prayers up that his injury is not as bad as it seems.


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