OPINION: The four best teams and the four most deserving teams are one and the same

The College Football Playoff committee certainly has their work cut out for them today as they try

and decide who the four teams that will be vying for a national championship will be.

This may have been one of the more chaotic seasons of the playoff era,

with just two teams firmly planted in the playoffs heading into selection Sunday.

At the moment, it is safe to say that the Georgia Bulldogs and the Michigan Wolverines have secured the top two spots,

 but the remaining two are wide open.

Across every TV station and website, you will see a debate about the four best teams

Alabama, Ohio State, and TCU are battling for the final two spots with one team being left on the outside looking in.

So how do we determine who the better two of the three are?

 To me, it is pretty simple but like most things, we will do our best to overcomplicate it to fit a certain narrative.

TCU is likely to get in over the Crimson Tide today because of the media outcry

 that would ensue if they were to put in a two-loss Alabama over the Horned Frogs.


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