Pat McAfee Squashes Spicy Aaron Rodgers-Patriots Rumor

You know that out-of-nowhere report about the Patriots making a trade offer for Aaron Rodgers and the veteran quarterback intervening because he didn’t want to play for New England?

Yeah, we probably should take it with a massive grain of salt.

Not just because the Green Bay Packers ultimately traded Rodgers to the New York Jets, rendering the conversation moot.

But also because Pat McAfee — a very good friend of Rodgers — more or less squashed the rumor this week on his show.

“Our source(s) have told us that whole New England Patriot thing — with ‘I ain’t playing for… ‘ — that whole thing,” McAfee said. ” …

Our source(s) have said that Aaron loves Bill Belichick and has massive respect for Bill Belichick.” Fair to assume the “source” is Rodgers himself?

Well, you’re obviously free to interpret McAfee’s words however you’d like.

But it’s noteworthy that Rodgers has been a frequent guest on McAfee’s show, even using the platform to announce he intended to play for the Jets in 2023.

“That’s just what our source(s) have said,” McAfee said of Rodgers’ respect for Belichick.

Of course, the Rodgers-Patriots report seemed suspect to begin with, seeing as there really wasn’t much smoke to New England pursuing the former Packers quarterback this NFL offseason.

Let alone any fire. Yet, New York-based radio host Craig Carton still tossed it out there for public consumption last week, while also offering his own two cents.

If nothing else, the segment served to stir the pot as the Jets enter the 2023 season with heightened expectations

and the Patriots look to rebound from an underwhelming 2022.


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