Patrick Mahomes intercepts Travis Kelce as Chiefs TE attempts to take over Joe Biden's White House podium

The Kansas City Chiefs missed a White House visit after winning the Super Bowl in 2020. Travis Kelce made up for lost time on Monday when given a second chance.

The Chiefs tight end joined his teammates at the White House on Monday at the invitation of President Joe Biden to celebrate their Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles in February.

After the team gifted Biden a personalized No. 46 jersey during a ceremony on the White House south lawn, Kelce took his shot.

As Biden chatted with MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes and fixed his eyes toward the Lombardi Trophy sitting stage right, Kelce slipped away to center stage to speak at the presidential podium.

"I've been waiting for this," Kelce said before being cut off.

Mahomes had reprised his role as the straight man in the Chiefs' comedy duo and pulled Kelce away from the microphone mid-sentence.

"Sorry, sorry," Mahomes said with a wave. Chuckles ensued. Biden feigned exasperation before standing next to head coach Andy Reid to take photos with the team.

The Chiefs pass-and-catch duo were the stars of the show Monday, as they generally are regarding all things Chiefs. Mahomes shared video from before the ceremony featuring a closeup on Kelce.

The pair shared the stage with Biden for photos as he held up his new Chiefs gear with a smile.

Absent from the festivities was first lady Jill Biden. She's on an overseas trip with stops in Egypt, Morocco and Portugal. She's also a devout Eagles fan.

"I have to be careful what I say today," Biden said while welcoming the Chiefs. ... "I married a Philly girl. Fortunately she is overseas right now. She's a rabid Eagles fan."

Biden then joked about the controversial late holding penalty that allowed the Chiefs to run down the clock before kicking the game-winning field goal with eight seconds remaining.

"The way the game ended, I might be in for a rough night," Biden continued.

The Eagles and Chiefs are both among the favorites to win the Super Bowl next season,

meaning the first lady may have her shot yet at welcoming her favorite team to the White House.


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