PFF names Will Shipley as the ACC's dark-horse Heisman candidate

Clemson star running back Will Shipley is one of the best running backs in college football ,

and has an opportunity to have the best season of his career in 2023.

Adding 2022 Broyles Award winner Garrett Riley as the Tigers‘ offensive coordinator gives Shipley a unique opportunity.

With one of the top offensive minds in college football joining the program,

Shipley is now in the best situation of his career.

Shipley is so impressive, and his situation is strong enough for him to be named the ACC’s dark horse Heisman candidate by Pro Football Focus.

 He is the only dark-horse candidate from each power five conference they named that is not a quarterback.

Here is what writer Mitch Kaiser had to say about the star running back.

It sounds wild, but 2,000 yards and 20-plus touchdowns are in the cards for Shipley.

While he has been incredibly effective in his time with the program,

most would agree he hasn’t been used adequately or gotten the touches the best player on the offense deserves.


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