PFF names Bills' Josh Allen's 'kryptonite' might be in 2023

Pro Football Focus didn’t have to look far into the tape on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen to find his “kryptonite.”

Throughout his career, Allen has been susceptible to turning the ball over. Last season, one big change happened.

Allen actually began his NFL days with a long streak of not turning the ball over in the red zone, specifically. Then in 2022, it happened far too often. His 19 led the NFL.

Those, plus his “big-time throw rate” via PFF’s metrics, helped the outlet find his “kryptonite” pretty easily: Turnover-worthy plays.

Here’s how PFF breaks down Allen’s “kryptonite” and where he must improve next season:

Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Few players shoulder as much individual responsibility as he does for driving his offense,

but perhaps that burden causes more glaring mistakes than for other elite passers.

Allen led the league with 52 big-time throws in 2022, 14 more than anybody else if you include the playoffs.

His big-time throw rate was also the best by a significant margin.

But his turnover-worthy play rate (4.2%) was one of the worst in the league and more than twice as bad as some top passers (including Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes).

Allen might need to work at better finding the balance between those big positive and big negative plays.


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