Ranking all of NFL's current throwback jerseys: High marks for return of Buccaneers' creamsicle jerseys

Throwback jerseys were all the rage in the NFL at the start of the century, thanks to teams bringing back uniforms that went by the wayside in the 1990s in favor of darker colors

(49ers going to cardinal red, Eagles to midnight green). Turns out, fans and teams liked the old colors and uniform designs -- even if they were only used as a one-off during the year.

The NFL brought up the "one-shell rule" in 2013 to improve player safety, requiring teams to have only one helmet color so players would practice and play in the same helmet.

Throwback jerseys went by the wayside, as teams that didn't use stickers on their helmets or had different helmet colors couldn't don a throwback jersey (didn't match the helmet associated with it).

Thankfully, the league eliminated the "one-shell rule" in 2021, meaning teams could wear an alternate helmet in addition to their current one.

The alternate helmet allows teams to bring back their proper throwback uniforms for the 2022 season and beyond,

which the New England Patriots are already doing with the "Pat Patriot" design -- as their throwbacks haven't been worn since 2012.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tennessee Titans are the next teams to join the throwback revolution in 2023.

Last year, we ranked the league's alternate jerseys. This time, the throwbacks are in the spotlight.

These are the current throwback jerseys that are in the rotation for 2023, whether a team uses an alternate helmet or not.

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.

(The Eagles, for example, will not count in this since their "Kelly Green" throwbacks haven't been released yet).

There are currently 16 throwback jerseys in the NFL. Teams that use home and road throwback jerseys from the same year/time span will be counted together (the Miami Dolphins are an example).

This ranking is certainly debatable, especially the one that claimed the top spot. 

15. Indianapolis Colts -- 1956 home jersey 14. Chicago Bears -- 1936 jersey 13. Las Vegas Raiders -- 1970 away jersey 12. New Orleans Saints -- 1975 away jersey

11. Green Bay Packers -- 1950-1953 home jersey 10. Atlanta Falcons -- 1966 home jersey 9. New Orleans Saints -- 1967 home jersey 8. Detroit Lions -- 1934 home jersey

7. Dallas Cowboys -- 1994 home jersey 6. New England Patriots -- 1984-92 home jersey 5. New York Giants -- 1980-90s home and road jersey

4. Pittsburgh Steelers -- 1972 home jersey 3. Dallas Cowboys -- 1960-1963 home jersey

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 1976 home jersey 2. San Francisco 49ers -- 1994 home and road jersey 1. Miami Dolphins -- 1972 home and road jersey


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