Ranking Big Ten football teams by 2023 potential

Most, if not all, Big Ten teams have commenced spring ball, which means while basketball is still extant,

 eyes are turning back to football and the upcoming 2023 season.

With a new season upcoming, all slates are wiped clean, and it’s anybody’s game as to who can win the conference.

There are several key factors that determine whether or not a team can either maintain its dominance or rise up.

Whether it’s returning production, recruiting, schedule, an established coach or a new coach,

 transfers, or anything that could happen any given Saturday, it’s impossible to accurately predict what a team’s overall potential is in a given year.

Still, we decided to try, and to do so mathematically rather than simply subjectively — though there was one semi-subjective element we did utilize, on top of what ultimately is our subjective methodology.

It’s our view that returning production is the biggest component when it comes to designating future success.

 However, there is something of a caveat there: the starting quarterback.

We used ESPN’s returning production chart to account for what each team will be bringing to the field in 2023.

We did not utilize any incoming or outgoing transfer rankings, instead relying solely on this number.


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