Ranking the HC openings for Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien from first to worst

It has been a while since Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien was a head coach at the college level.

He last coached in the Big Ten conference at Penn State in 2012 and 2013.

He was then hired as the head coach for the Houston Texans.


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After a few years in that role, he was relieved of his duties. His most recent stop has been as the play-caller for the Tide’s offense for the past two seasons.

Recently, there have been multiple head coaching positions that have become open.

Several of the ones to highlight are Arizona State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Colorado and Georgia Tech.

In the past, each of the five programs has had profound success.

However, they are now looking for who will sit at the helm of their program.

O’Brien’s name has been circulating as a candidate for these openings lately and we want to provide you with our opinion on the matter.

Read along to find out who is the ideal fit versus who is the wrong fit for O’Brien.

Wisconsin Badgers I believe Wisconsin would be the best fit for Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. After all, he does have some head coaching experience in the Big Ten. 

Wisconsin Badgers He was the head coach at Penn State for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The Badgers have lacked offensive production and could put his expertise to use in Madison.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Nebraska has an abundance of resources as well as the money to hire O’Brien. The Cornhuskers are desperate for answers and would have to look no further than Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As mentioned previously, O’Brien has Big Ten coaching experience.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets O’Brien wouldn’t have to go very far to become the next head coach at Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets have long been known for their offensive prowess which dates back to when Paul Johnson was their head coach. 

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets O’Brien loves to run the offense his way and he would certainly have the reigns in Atlanta. Not to mention, he would be able to recruit one of the biggest recruiting hotbeds in the country in the state of Georgia.

Arizona State Sun Devils There is no better conference to score points than the Pac-12. Arizona State seems like it would be a decent fit for O’Brien. However, he just doesn’t seem like he would fit in on the West coast. 

Arizona State Sun Devils The conference already has offensive masterminds like Kyle Whittingham, Lincoln Riley, and Chip Kelly. I just don’t see O’Brien being a fit in this conference much less in Tempe.

Colorado Buffaloes Although Colorado plays in a power five conference, it just doesn’t seem like the ideal landing spot for O’Brien. Along with that, it wouldn’t be easy to out-recruit programs like USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Utah. This is the worst fit for O’Brien.


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