Shilo Sanders recaps the start of fall training camp under Coach Prime

Shilo Sanders is ready for another challenge.

It’s been a college career that began in South Carolina, then on to Jackson State, that will conclude in Boulder, CO.

After completing his degree in May, Shilo enrolled at Colorado (CU) with two years of eligibility remaining.

What comes after CU is still to be determined. Whether his game translates to the NFL will most likely hinge on pro day,

 and combine results, along with his level of productivity in the PAC-12, and maybe Big-12 next season.

What we can say, with 100 percent certainty, is that Shilo has the “it” factor.

Of all his siblings, Shilo’s charismatic personality is most similar to his father, Deion Sanders.

Shilo entered the YouTube space over four years ago but, he got a big boost in followers from his commitment video that launched at the end of May.

This week, Shilo gave us a revealing look at the first day of fall camp.

“(It’s important to) just play with that (same) intensity even when we are tired,” said Shilo Sanders.

“Today, I was really tired but I was still (fighting through) and doing all my assignments. Sheesh, we were rolling today!”

Shilo also showed how he utilizes cold compression therapy to help with his post practice recovery.

Shilo does a great job in showcasing much of what we never see in football recaps. This is the real day to day grind that extends after leaving the practice field.


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