Shipley says this moment made 'inner Will Shipley' come out

Clemson running back Will Shipley may have had an uncharacteristic fumble on Saturday, but that didn’t define his performance in the comeback 27-21 win over Syracuse.

With 27 carries for 172 yards and two touchdowns, the sophomore led the team in rushing.

Advancing to 739 total rushing yards on the season, Shipley is a pillar for the Clemson offense and his relentless pursuit for that 1 extra yard was what the Clemson offense needed on Saturday.

Shipley rushed for a 50-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, which ultimately helped them secure the victory.

Shipley’s ability to drive play after play and still come up with big plays is a defining factor in what makes him the lead running back for the Tigers.

Shipley spoke to the media after the game and reflected on how after such a big play “the inner Will Shipley” just came out.

“I couldn’t tell you what happened during the celebration,” he said. “Kind of like the crazy eyes from earlier in the season.

I think it’s just the inner Will Shipley kind of going crazy.”

One could assume that the 50-yard touchdown rush felt like a sigh of relief for Shipley, who had a fumble earlier in the game. Shipley expressed he felt the touchdown felt like redemption.

“Yes, 100%,” he said. “I was very frustrated.”

The defining factor in the game did not end up being the four turnovers, rather how the Clemson team responded. Shipley regarded the fumble as a learning experience,

but credited the support of his teammates for getting his mind back into a positive space before he reentered the game.

“I get to the sideline and I get four or five of my teammates coming up to me and really just pumping me up,” he said. “Helping me keep a positive attitude and that is why this team is so special.”

When Clemson was down in the latter stages of the third quarter, it was up to true freshman quarterback Cade Klubnik to come in and turn the tide of the game.

With such a significant call to action, Shipley knew he had to relieve some of that pressure off Klubnik’s shoulders.

“It’s a big thing to come in against Syracuse, with everything surrounding this game, down 21-7, I believe, and he was able to do it and that is what matters,” he said.

Going forward, the question remains whether Klubnik will have a more significant role on offense.

Prior to this game, the freshman had very few snaps under his belt, but in the face of pressure he saved Clemson’s undefeated record.

Shipley quieted any speculation about where Clemson is in terms of a quarterback battle.

“There wasn’t much conversation,” he said. “We have confidence in both guys.

For Cade to come and do what he did is really special, but to also see No. 5 [DJ Uiagalelei] on the sideline helping him,

taking him through different situations, giving him different tips to help him, that’s the epitome of this football team.”


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