Skip Bayless: 'Deion Sanders can win a national championship at Colorado within 4-5 years'

Opposed to what Mike Farrell wrote earlier in the week,

 fellow national sports pundit Skip Bayless is considerably more confident that Deion Sanders can achieve big things at Colorado.

Bayless and co-host/Denver Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe discussed the expectations surrounding Sanders’

 new gig during a Friday airing of their Fox Sports show, Undisputed,

and both agreed that Sanders is a special type of head coach.

Bayless even went as far as to say Coach Prime “can win a national championship at Colorado within 4-5 years.”

Obviously, that’s a great thing to hear if you’re a Buffs fan, but the subsequent thought is will Sanders really be here for that long?

 Most expect this era to only last a handful of years with 4-5 possibly being on the extreme end.

If Sanders is still coaching the Buffs in 2028, though, Bayless’ prediction seems plausible.

"I believe Deion Sanders can win a National Championship at Colorado within 4-5 years.

 Whatever he chooses to do it’s going to work because he’s got the magic Midas touch."


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