Smash Con 2022: What To Expect

This weekend, the largest Super Smash Bros. series celebration returns to Chantilly, Virginia.

Super Smash Con 2022 will be the largest Smash event so far this year with about 4,000 registered guests.

There will be side brackets for Rivals of Aether, Rushdown Revolt, and King of the Hat during the event in addition to Singles and Doubles tournaments for each of the five official Smash games.

What viewers need to understand about Super Smash Con 2022 is provided here. All eyes will be on acola and Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez in the Ultimate bracket.

Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez presents a formidable challenge to MkLeo, who is largely regarded as the finest player in the world and recently named No. 1 in North America.

Sparg0, on the other hand, is now taking a vacation from the competition, making MkLeo the current uncontested NA champion.

Smash Con 2022 Celebrates Smash Bros.

At barely 16 years old, Acola has become Japan’s top player. He has won several majors since he started competing for offline earlier this year.

This includes The Gimvitational, his lone American event to date.

However, acola’s first American open-bracket competition, as well as maybe his first opportunity to play MkLeo,

take place at Super Smash Con 2022. Acola will afterward get the opportunity to demonstrate if he has what it takes to be the finest in the world.

Zain “Zain” Naghmi will be the favorite to win Melee Singles when Cody “iBDW” Schwab withdraws due to a hand injury.

Only one of the seven players that defeated Zain this year will be in attendance at Smash Con.

Zain will surely strive for a performance worthy of the finest player in the world after going through five events in a row without taking first place.

The only other Zain slayer present will be Arjun “lloD” Malhotra. Although lloD finished in the top eight at each major he played in earlier this year,

his performance declined after he began his residency in medicine.

When lloD has not had much time to invest in the game, Smash Con will provide him the opportunity to demonstrate where his talent ceiling sits.

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