Spring football: Georgia’s Nazir Stackhouse making name for himself on D-line

By now, most everyone who follows Georgia football ,

closely knows that Nazir Stackhouse is a TikTok star.

“Star” might be a slight exaggeration compared with the most popular personalities featured on the short-form-video,

 social-media app. But the Bulldogs’ nose guard has a sizable TikTok fan base, with more than 53,000 followers

. And undoubtedly he is a prolific producer of content. Stackhouse has posted dozens – could it be hundreds? –

 of videos on his channels. Accordingly, he has received more than 1.5 million likes.

One of Stackhouse’s favorite parodies on that platform involves people constantly mistaking him for Jordan Davis.

Since he showed up at UGA from Stone Mountain in 2020, Stackhouse has had fans and fellow students come up and ask,

“Are you Jordan Davis?” and want his autograph or something.

That really was prevalent in 2021, when Davis’ popularity exploded because of his play on the field.


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