Steve Young Net Worth

Steve Young is a retired American Football quarterback, investor and sports commentator who has a net worth of $200 million.

Although Steve Young initially made his name as an athlete, he has since proved himself to be a capable businessman.

Somewhat of a rarity in the sports world, Young has strong financial instincts that have allowed him to build considerably on his initial success as a star quarterback.

During his football career, Steve Young became recognized for his impressive passing ability, and retired with the highest passer rating among all NFL quarterbacks.

Jon Steven Young was born on October 11th of 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He later attended high school in Connecticut. During his high school years,

 Steve Young quickly proved his potential, becoming especially efficient at scoring touchdowns during rushing plays.

However, Young also proved himself to be a natural, all-around athlete, as he captained the basketball and baseball teams.

Football runs in the family for Steve Young, as his father played football at BYU in the 50s and set a number of records.

 BYU itself is actually named after Steve Young's great-great-great grandfather, Brigham Young.

Steve Young began his professional football career in the United States Football League (USFL) in 1984. He signed a $40 million contract with the Los Angeles Express,

but he agreed to accept installments each year for forty years in order to make the contract more manageable for the small team. Although Young could have entered the NFL in 1984,

he wanted to work under head coach John Hadl and Sid Gilman, both of whom were working with the Express at the time.

Steve Young quickly made a name for himself, passing over 300 yards and rushing for 100 yards in a single game – a new record for a professional football player.

 Even though Steve Young was performing admirably, the Los Angeles Express was doomed to fail. It was never successful with the home crowd, and its financial situation soon became dire.

At one point, Young had to personally pay the bus driver so that he would drive the team to a game.

 He also had to play tailback at one point because all of the Express' running backs were injured and they didn't have the money to replace anyone.

Eventually, the Express would fail and so would the entire United States Football League.

Although it was initially reported that Young would continue to receive his annual installments from his $40 million contract,

he later received a $1.4 million settlement because the team could not continue to pay.


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