Tampa Bay Buccaneers Destined for Rebuild As Baker Mayfield Appears To Be Favorite To Start

It feels like ages ago that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.

A little over two years removed from winning Super Bowl LV over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buccaneers appear to already be entering a rebuild mode.

While the organization and general manager Jason Licht have been hesitant to use that term following Tom Brady’s retirement,

it’s hard to envision this current incarnation of the Buccaneers — one that will be led by either journeyman Baker Mayfield or the inexperienced Kyle Trask — emerging as a playoff contender.

According to the latest report from ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, the veteran Mayfield appears to have the inside track on Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback job.

"In general, we're hearing the words that have been used to describe Baker Mayfield since the start of his career,” says Darlington.

“The positive ones, like moxie and leadership. And those are the things so far in Tampa it feels like could earn him the starting job.

There is just definitely a little bit more of a vibe when I talk to people about these two quarterbacks, that Baker seems to be imposing himself. Now, Kyle Trask is still in the hunt.

There is no determination on who the starter will be in this quarterback competition.

But at this point, it does feel that Baker is imposing himself over the competition."

The report isn’t exactly surprising. For all of Mayfield’s faults and shortcomings over the years,

he is an experienced quarterback with 69 starts under his belt during his five-year career.

Furthermore, he’s led a franchise — the Cleveland Browns — to a playoff victory, something they hadn’t experienced since the 1994 season.


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