Texans 'Weakest Room' Despite Cowboys Signing? How?

The Houston Texans made a splash when signing former Dallas Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz this offseason, but even his services may not be able to resurrect a supposedly thin tight end corps.

According to SBNation, there is no worse unit on the team behind the tight end group, and the search for more help via free agency is needed.

"This is the weakest room on the roster. There are several name players available that would be better than everyone outside of Schultz," SBNation writes.

"Additionally, there will be last minute cuts in August and September that could end up being fits."

The outlet is pressing the panic button on the tight end room based on PFF's grades for each tight end on the roster. Here's how the Texans' grades shake out: Dalton Schultz — 68.3

Brevin Jordan — 53.7 PFF Mason Schreck— 53.6 Teagan Quitoriano — 49.4 Andrew Beck — 48.4 PFF Troy Hairston — 48.4

Players graded 70+ on PFF are listed as solid pro starters and all scores below 60 are only rostered players or special teams contributors.

This means the Texans have just one tight end rostered who is ready to contribute on the playing field, and even Schultz isn't graded high enough to turn heads.

Schultz will be 27 this season and tallied 577 yards and five touchdowns on 57 receptions with Dallas in 2022,

a step down from his totals of 808 yards and eight scores on 78 catches with the team the year prior.

If the Texans want to bolster the room, taking the scraps in August or September may be the right call.

Names like Mercedes Lewis and Kyle Rudolph are available in free agency, but that's not saying much.

Maybe it's best to count on a reliable standout in Dallas Cowboys ex Schultz while hoping that Brevin Jordan fulfills his promise. ... and hoping that a "weak spot'' gets filled in 2023.


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