The 2023 NFL Quarterback Commitment Index

NFL teams that don’t have a quarterback in mid-February feel just like single people scrolling through Instagram on Valentine’s Day

. We get it; the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are beautiful and happy and successful.

Get this out of my algorithm, please.

Everyone else must swipe through the football Tinder morass of Sam Darnold and Taylor Heinicke jabronis in the hope of finding the next Geno Smith.

With spring in the air and free agency on the horizon, it’s time for some single NFL teams to slide into those proverbial DMs,

 and for coupled-up teams to define their relationships. Which NFL team-QB combos are about to send out their save the dates?

Who will break up? And who is heading into this scene single and ready to mingle? Let’s get to The Ringer’s annual QB Commitment Index.

Mahomes and the Chiefs are the couple everyone stalks on Instagram, wondering, “Why can’t I find a man like him?

” They are creating unrealistic standards for everyone else: two Super Bowl titles in four years and perfect contract harmony.

The Bills and Josh Allen found true love after starting out as laughingstock.

They both had recent glow-ups and are super hot now. They haven’t had the playoff success they want, but this is the kind of relationship where they will overcome that together.


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