This Ohio State Football player named as one ‘who may have benefited’ from another year

When Ohio State Football’s starting center Luke Wypler announced that he was entering the NFL Draft a year early,

 it left many of us wondering if that was the correct decision.

First off, centers aren’t normally highly valued when NFL teams are establishing their draft boards.

Just four have gone in the first round over the last five drafts, those odds don’t seem overtly enticing for a center.

Secondly, Wypler’s anticipated draft ranking might be lower than what he thought it might be.

With that in mind, 247Sports believes that Wypler would have benefitted from using up his eligibility

. Yes, he was a starter for two seasons and made third-team All-Big Ten this past year but

“Wypler hasn’t been mentioned among the nation’s best at the position,” according to the report.

There are some varying ideas on where Wypler could get drafted.

Pro Football Focus is very high on his abilities so that leads us to think the decision made might have been correct.


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