Top 20 Big Ten football recruits from the 2023 early signing period

The college football early signing period extends through December 23,

 but most of the high school prospects signed on the first day of the timeline on Wednesday of this week.

And while the Big Ten may not have had top-end elite classes across the board,

there are a lot of really, really good classes across the league inside the top 40 —

with quality players that will help the league out in the not-too-distant future.

20. Malik Hartford, Safety 19. Andrew Rappleyea, Tight End 18. Elliot Washington, Safety 17. Andrew Depaepe, Defensive Line

16. Jermaine Matthews, Cornerback 15. Joshua Mickens, Edge Rusher 14. Enow Etta, Defensive Line 13.  King Mack, Safety 12. Jelani Thurman, Tight End

11. Tony Rojas, Linebacker 10. Malachi Coleman, Athlete 9. Bai Jobe, Edge Rusher 8. Calvin Simpson-Hunt, Cornerback

7. Jason Moore, Defensive Line 6. Carnell Tate, Wide Receiver 5. Luke Montgomery, Interior Offensive Line

4. Noah Rogers, Wide Receiver 3. Alex Berchmeier, Interior Offensive Line

2. J'Ven Williams, Offensive Tackle 1. Brandon Innis, Wide Receiver


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