Top 5 Biggest College Football Stadiums

What are the biggest stadiums in college football?

College football is arguably the biggest sport in the United States, with some of the most passionate fans and biggest box offices.

The stadiums are no less colossal. Here are the five biggest stadiums in college football:

1. Michigan Stadium 2. Beaver Stadium 3. Ohio Stadium 4. Kyle Field 5. Neyland Stadium 

1. Michigan Stadium: Michigan Stadium With a maximum capacity of 107,601 fans, this stadium can hold more people than the biggest NFL stadiums.1 Nicknamed “The Big House”.

2. Beaver Stadium:   Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania can hold 106,572 fans within its walls. 

2. Beaver Stadium: This stadium is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions. As the second largest stadium in the country. Nicknamed “Happy Valley.

3. Ohio Stadium: Ohio Stadium, coming in with a total capacity of 102,780, sits at the number three position in the biggest college football stadium rankings. 

3. Ohio Stadium: Also known as “The Horseshoe” or just “The Shoe,”. 

4. Kyle Field: Kyle Field lands just beneath Ohio Stadium as the fourth largest stadium in college football, 

4. Kyle Field: with the Texas A&M Aggies playing in front of a maximum crowd of 102,733 fans. 

5. Neyland Stadium: Neyland Stadium is home to the SEC-member Tennessee Volunteers. 

5. Neyland Stadium: Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, the stadium has been revamped and remodeled sixteen times, with the most recent being a major overhaul between 2004 and 2006. 

5. Neyland Stadium: The University of Tennessee has also announced plans for a $340 million renovation project for 2022. 

5. Neyland Stadium: The stadium features college football’s largest LED-screen display. 

5. Neyland Stadium: First constructed in 1919 as Shield-Watkins field, the stadium gets its name from General Robert Reese Neyland, ROTC instructor and football coach at Tennessee. 

5. Neyland Stadium: The stadium was rededicated to Neyland in 1962.

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