Travis Kelce makes hilarious request to his mom during NFL game: ‘I want the gnocchi’

The colorful life of a superstar doesn’t always stay on the field, as Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce has recently discovered.

After the resurfacing of his old tweets from the depths of social media, another gem has now re-emerged – a sideline conversation that’s both endearing and downright bizarre.

The footage, seemingly from the early stages of Kelce’s NFL career in 2014, shows the young athlete mic’d up during a game, making an unexpected request.

In a moment between plays, Kelce, now 34, is overheard asking a Chiefs staffer to call his mom, Donna, for a postgame food order adjustment.

“Hey. Can you call my mother from that phone right there?” Kelce asks. The staffer hesitates, unsure of the sideline phone use rules, but Kelce persists, intent on modifying his food order. 

The crux of their banter revolves around the pronunciation of ‘gnocchi,’ a classic pasta choice.

“I don’t want the macaroni and cheese with the regular noodles. I want the gnocchi. How do you say it?” Kelce queries, prompting a confused response from the staffer.

With the pronunciation settled — at least in Kelce’s mind — he clarifies his culinary preference and thanks the staffer, who seems willing to comply with the tight end’s peculiar request.

This hilarious hot mic moment comes after tweets penned by the player back in 2011 recently gained viral traction.

In a recent conversation with his brother Jason on their New Heights podcast, Kelce admitted to treating Twitter like a diary for his random thoughts.

Jason joined in the laughter, defending the ‘squirle’ spelling and acknowledging the hilarity that ensued.

The tweets, dating back to Kelce’s college days in Cincinnati, detail his love of naps and food. 

One tweet also discussed his encounter with a squirrel, although he misspelled the name of the animal.


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