Upon Receiving ‘Death Threats’, Woman Who Accused Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson of S*xual Assault, Shuts Her Business Down

Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson Mahomes, has been under intense scrutiny and backlash from fans due to allegations of his actions at a restaurant earlier this year.

The restaurant’s owner, Aspen Vaughn, has bravely come forward once again, revealing the harrowing impact the situation has had on her life.

Vaughn shared that her life has turned into a living nightmare after accusing the NFL player’s brother of sexual assault.

The situation became so overwhelming that she ultimately had no choice but to shut down her business.

Aspen Vaughn the owner of Aspens Restaurant in Overland Park reported that she has been receiving death threats ever

since her accusations on Jackson Mahomes and that she feels unsafe and at risk after the altercation.

Coming forward to share her story was undoubtedly a courageous decision for Vaughn,

but the consequences have been far-reaching and deeply troubling.


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