USC football schedule for 2024 revealed

The USC football schedule for 2024 and 2025 as they enter the Big Ten is officially here with the Trojans facing a tough slate.

It may not feel real yet, but USC is going to be a Big Ten team in less than a year.

Of course, the release of the 2024 and 2025 schedules probably does more to make that reality tangible than anything else.

The Big Ten announced their new scheduling model with protected rivals and flex scheduling that will ensure every team plays everyone else in the conference once every two years.

USC has one protected rival: UCLA. The Trojans will never skip a matchup with the Bruins.

The first cycle of the flex schedule has the Trojans paired up with Penn State and Wisconsin as well, with home and away games against those teams in the first two years of the Big Ten slate.

While USC won’t play Ohio State in the first year of Big Ten membership, their opening schedule is a gauntlet.

Out of conference they will play LSU and Notre Dame, then in conference they will host Michigan while traveling to play Penn State.

2024 USC football schedule Week 1: vs. LSU in Las Vegas on 9/1 Week 2: vs. San Jose State on 9/7

Week 14: vs. Notre Dame on 11/30 TBD: at Maryland TBD: at Northwestern TBD: at Penn State

TBD: at Purdue TBD: at UCLA TBD: vs. Illinois

TBD: vs. Iowa TBD: vs. Michigan TBD: vs. Wisconsin


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