WATCH: Jalen Hurts reminds reporter that he went to Alabama too

Simply put, it has been a magical season for former Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Hurts is in the running for the NFL MVP and is now taking his Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC championship game.

Following the Eagles’ divisional round 38-7 blowout win over the New York Giants.

 which saw Hurts score three touchdowns, the fabulous signal caller fielded questions from the media.

One such question was about the success in the NFL of Oklahoma quarterbacks,

and Hurts would quickly respond by saying, “I went to Alabama too”.

Despite not finishing his college playing career at Alabama, Hurts has continued to represent the Crimson Tide,

 and he is not afraid to let folks know that he still considers himself to be a ‘Bama boy.

I can assure you that Alabama fans still hold a tremendous amount of love and admiration for Hurts,

 and will proudly claim that he is forever a part of the Alabama tradition.


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