Watch: Kirk Cousins sings to Tom Brady during NFL awards show

Give Kirk Cousins a Grammy. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback stunned the world Thursday night.

 when he walked onto the stage at the NFL Honors show and sang a brief verse to Tom Brady,

set to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's hit single "Since You've Been Gone."

Cousins, wearing the gold and diamond necklaces that birthed his alter ego Kirko Chainz, delivered these lyrics.

I'm sorry, Kelly. I just wanted to sing one quick tribute song to Tom Brady, on behalf of all the other quarterbacks in the league," Cousins told Clarkson.

First of all, you can really sing. What?" said Clarkson, who then burst into her own version of the song. The lyrics:

Cuz now that he's gone Teams have hope for the first itme Brady's moving on, yeah yeah For the goat, that's a wrap Now he just posts thirst traps Now that he's gone


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