Watch: KJ Henry's impressive 2023 NFL Draft tape

The Clemson football program has multiple Tigers projected to be selected in the 2023 NFL draft, each being an intriguing prospect in their own right.

One of those Tigers’ prospects is KJ Henry, a popular name with many possible outcomes in the 2023 draft.

Something I’ve noticed this mock draft season is that people LOVE to add Henry to their mocks for their favorite team.

 In nearly every mock draft I see for a team, KJ Henry finds his way onto,

and while name recognition likely plays a part in this, it also goes deeper.

To put things simply, Henry is a stud with a tremendous ceiling.

The right situation in the NFL could see Henry flourish.

Here is a look at KJ Henry’s 2023 NFL draft tape, which the ACC Digital Network put together. 


Former Tiger excited to be coming home