WATCH: Paul Finebaum questions how good Nick Saban is without Kirby Smart as his DC

Kirby Smart took over as the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs in 2016,

 and since then he has won two national titles and taken the program to new heights.

After the Dawgs dominated TCU 65-7 in this year’s national title,

many are claiming that UGA has now passed the Crimson Tide ,

as the premier program in college football, and some are even starting to compare Kirby and Nick Saban.

However, since Kirby took over at Georgia, Nick Saban is 4-1 against him with both teams being ranked in the top five each time.

 But, somebody will always have something to say, and this time it is ESPN college football analyst,

 Paul Finebaum, who questioned Coach Saban since Kirby’s departure.

Finebaum believes that since Kirby left Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide defense has never been the same and even said, “

We are seeing a changing of the guard and that matters.

The fact we are even talking about somebody possibly being better today than Nick Saban is a major paradigm shift.

He owned this sport, he doesn’t own it anymore.”


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