What alternative, gluten-free grains can I try?

Although it’s healthy and gluten-free, rice shouldn’t be the only grain in your diet. 

There are many other grain products that you can consume safely. 

As with rice products, be sure to read food labels to ensure the product is free of gluten and isn’t at risk of contamination.

Additional gluten-free grains or carbohydrates that you can use in place of rice include:

1. Quinoa: Substitute this for rice in your favorite rice-based salad.

2. Corn: Use 100 percent corn tortillas and fill them with your favorite Mexican dish, in lieu of a side of rice.

3. Millet: Serve this with your favorite stir-fry.

4. Beans and lentils: Pasta products made with bean flour are now available in many grocery stores.


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