What Colts offseason moves will have the biggest impact when they face the Browns?

The Browns continue to work their way toward the start of the 2023 season.

Training camp opens in late July followed by the season opener at home vs. Cincinnati on Sept. 10. They will face 14 different teams, all of whom have changed to some extent in the offseason.

In this series, I’ll look at each opponent the Browns play in order of the schedule.

I’ll examine the biggest addition and subtraction for each team, discuss their best draft pick and break down what they mean for when they play the Browns.

I will only discuss the AFC North teams once since the Browns play them twice. Next up is a look at the Indianapolis Colts. The Browns travel to Indianapolis in Week 7.

Biggest addition: QB Anthony Richardson Biggest subtraction: CB Stephon Gilmore Best draft pick: Richardson

What it means for their matchup with the Browns Depending on whether Richardson starts or if Gardner Minshew gets the call at quarterback, this matchup could be varying levels of intrigue. 

The Colts do have some very good pieces, particularly with Jonathan Taylor at running back and Shaquille Leonard at linebacker.

Richardson’s supporting cast will have to be on point early in the season as he learns how to play at the NFL level.

His coaches will also have to give him the best chance to succeed early, which will involve a lot of running.

Teams like the Browns will have to be prepared for a lot of running in this matchup.

Think some variation of what the Ravens did in Jackson’s rookie season or what the Eagles did with Hurts prior to 2022.

Richardson will still have to throw a few times to make defenses have to respect his arm.

The rest of the team has question marks. But if Richardson impresses right away, the Colts will be a problem for any team they play, including the Browns.


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