what is andrew luck doing right now?

Upon coming into the NFL, Andrew Luck was seen as the new Peyton Manning and the savior of the Indianapolis Colts.

In his six years in the league, he was just that, and if he doesn't have a few more years in the NFL, he will be a future Hall of Fame lock.

However, Andrew Luck only stayed in the league for six seasons, retiring from the game before the 2019 NFL season.

So what does Luck do these days, and what has the Stanford University alum been up to lately?

Luck has been spending his days being an ideal father to his little daughter, Lucy.

Luck has been on "full-time daddy duty" since his retirement, as he helps his wife, Nicole, raise their daughter in the most loving environment possible.

On the side, he is pursuing a Master of Arts in Education at his alma mater, Stanford University.

In a nutshell, Andrew Luck has been living his best life since he left the high-pressure environment of the NFL.


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