What Jim Harbaugh said about Michigan football before Big Ten Championship game

The world-famous Ohio State Buckeyes lost on the world’s stage to Michigan football — in embarrassing fashion on a nationally broadcast game that more people watched than any other game in the past 11 years.

Thus, the Wolverines are preparing for another game this week while OSU gets a week off to watch.

The maize and blue are set to take on Purdue on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with the winner earning the Big Ten Championship.

Should the Wolverines win, it will be their second in a row, and either way, they’re all but assured to get a College Football Playoff berth.

On Monday, head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media to discuss the team’s success, the Big Ten game, and more. Here is everything he had to say.

Was the win over Ohio State among the best ever for Michigan football? Humbly, humbly would say that. Definitely right up there as one of the greatest wins, and we’ve had a lot of good ones in 143 years.

Emotions being back in the Big Ten Championship game Yeah, right where we want to be, playing for the championship, to be champions of the West.

That’s huge. That’s big. It’s sunk in coming back from the game.

And just a great thrill, great thrill of winning, great feeling of victory.

And just expressing that to our players and our coaches, just how appreciative we are, I am, really anybody that loves Michigan.

And I’ve got so many texts from people everywhere, I’ve tried to return them.

But just for the amount of effort and focus and determination that our players and coaches put into this game, just incredible gratitude and appreciation for the job that they did.

And yeah, now to do that, again, come back here on Monday and do everything in our power to have that feeling again after this game, which will be the biggest game in the world to us.

The week before was the biggest game in the world. Past game was the biggest game in the world to us.

Now this game is the biggest world biggest game in the world to us and going about the preparation, the study of our opponent, the meetings, the practices,

and getting ready for this game. So we can have the same feeling of winning and thrill of victory.

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