Hailee Steinfeld's Dating History Includes a Very Famous Pop Star

As the title character on Dickinson, Hailee Steinfeld plays a woman with a messy life. But what about Hailee's own love life?

The 22-year-old actress has been in the public eye since she was a young teenager, with her Oscar-nominated breakout role in True Grit,

but she's had a pretty average, non-scandalous dating history so far.

Although she, like most Hollywood stars, has been the subject of tons of dating rumours, she's actually only had two relationships that have been known to the public — and,

ironically enough, the relationship that she kept the most private was the one with the biggest celeb! Keep reading to find out who's won Hailee's heart so far,

because you never know — they might be the subjects of any upcoming music this actress and singer might release!

1 Cameron Smoller Although Hailee was often linked to other young Hollywood stars by the gossip mill — most notably, Justin Bieber and her Romeo and Juliet costar Douglas Booth — 

she actually was in a relationship during most of that time! J-14 reported that she dated Cameron Smoller from 2016 to late 2017.

The couple frequently shared photos featuring each other on Instagram, and they made their public debut as a couple at a Golden Globes party in early 2017.

He accompanied her to several other events that year,but the last photo either of them shared with each other was in November 2017so it's safe to assume their breakup happened sometime late that year.

2 Niall Horan Hailee and Niall were reportedly friends before they began dating; in a December 2017 Instagram post, 

he wished her a happy birthday and called her "the loveliest person on the planet and one of my best friends." By February 2018,

they were spotted by People on a date night, and from there, they were often seen together, although rarely showing up at formal events as a couple.

They were seen at a Backstreet Boys concert, at music events, and at casual dinners, among other sightings throughout 2018.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Hailee talked about falling in love, though without ever mentioning anyone by name.

"When you fall in love, you pick up on the tiniest things about yourself. I am one to spread out on the mattress and take up every inch of space.

Now I don't want to do that anymore. I want to make as much room for you as possible."

However, it wasn't to last. In December 2018, Entertainment Tonight confirmed their split. Since then, Hailee has not been linked to anyone.


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