Why is Nick Saban still coaching? "Because the chase is greater than the capture."

7 National Titles. 10 SEC titles and 15 SEC West Division titles. Not to mention the first round NFL Draft picks and NFL talent that has been developed under his watch.

If anyone has the kind of resume that can walk away from football with minimal regrets,

Nick Saban has built that at his five head coaches stops from Toledo, to Michigan State and LSU, to Miami, and now with the Crimson Tide.

Yet, he's still around, and shows no signs of slowing down, despite having to answer annual questions from the media about retirement.

So what keeps him coming back for more? It's not national titles. It's what comes in all the moments before that.

During a recent sit down with Joe Klatt during the second installment of Big Noon Conversations,

Saban was asked about a comment he made last fall during a behind-the-scenes production meeting before their game with Texas.

Asked then what he feels like he still has to prove, Saban aswered, "Well I guess I still love this, because the chase is still greater than the capture."

Strip away the hunting nomenclature, and what you're left with is a veiled description of Saban's trademarked process and his obsession with it.

Klatt didn't press for details last fall, but sitting down with Saban, he asks the Crimson Tide's leader to provide some more details on what "the chase" is.

"That's the process of what you go through to try to build a team.

The process of what you do to try and build individuals to have the culture that they need to be the best versions of themselves, in terms of personal, academic, or athletic."

"You view the game, because that's what you cover, and that's part of it, but the work ethic, the discipline,

the pride in performance, those are all things that go into trying to help them grow into the best version of themselves and that carries over into life as well."

"That's the part that I enjoy. The whole process of developing young people to have a chance to be successful.

It's kind of like climbing a mountain. It's a challenge. It's an individual challenge, and it's a collective challenge for your team."

Hear that, and more thoughts from Saban on a variety of topics in the clip.


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