Why Roman Wilson thinks one young receiver will 'shock a lot of people' in 2023

With Ronnie Bell moving onto the NFL this offseason, the Michigan football wide receiver room will return, in part, to its 2021 form, with Cornelius Johnson and Roman Wilson leading the charge.

 But unlike 2021, there’s a different cast of characters involved behind them.

Fans got a small glimpse of the bumper crop last year, with Tyler Morris and Darrius Clemons —

 both now entering their second years with the program — getting some late or spot duty in games.

Certainly, they’ll be called upon much more this year considering Bell’s departure, as well as Andrel Anthony’s transfer to Oklahoma.

Wilson is working to become more of a leader in Bell’s absence,

and there’s one young receiver who has really impressed him this spring: the aforementioned Darrius Clemons.

“When I came in for winter cycle; I’m one of the guys — I’m from Hawaii,

so I don’t really go home that often, so I’m always in the building,” Wilson said. “And to see him just like working out by himself,

and then we get to the winter cycle, and for him to be as strong as he is in the weight room, it’s pretty shocking.

 He’s a pretty strong guy. And I think he’s going to shock a lot of people when he gets his opportunities this year.”

Clemons’ emergence is necessary for the passing game to thrive, but some other younger players are stepping up, as well.


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